Bay/Bow Windows


A bay window specializes in creating a bigger space and allowing great quantities of natural light to shine through. They can also be enjoyed as a potential reading nook for the avid reader, or an open space for decoration.

If you don't have quite enough space to host a bay window, a bow window may be right for you. Made of four or more windows in a slight angular row, it allows a unique scenic view without being intrusive to your home.


What distinguishes the bay from the bow window is the amount of space that is taken up. However, with their unique qualities to display a rounded view, they share mutual benefits such as:

Unique Features

  • Enhanced view
  • Exceptionally insulated
  • Increased crub appeal
  • No entry point from outside

Superior Features

  • Exterior trim
  • Extensive colour palette, from light to dark finishes
  • Low-e and argon-gas sealed units
  • Bug screens

Right for you!

Determining which design of either bay or bow window will depend upon the amount of available space. Bow windows are more ideal for areas where a garden or a walking path is located below as they won’t be as invasive. These windows will be a great investment, as they look good from both the interior and exterior. Providing plenty of natural light and offering low maintenance, satisfaction with either the bay or bow design will be guaranteed.

Bay Window

A bay window is a combination of three windows that dramatically extend out from your home. This creates a 3D effect to the outside, as well as an open space inside, perfect for decoration or reading.

Bow Window

Don't have the room to install a bay window? No problem, the bow window is the window for you. Typically wider then the bay window, it does not jut out nearly as far, making it ideal if there is a path running alongside the house.

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