Picture Windows


A picture window is the simplest window on the market. Comprised of only windowpane and trim, they are easy to install. With absolute clarity, picture windows are the favourite to install in areas where the view is spectacular. With no excess opening, a picture window is incredibly well insulated, leading to big energy savings.


While the picture window is considered a simple window, it has its own unique features and benefits:

Unique Features

  • Enhanced visibility
  • Weather resistance
  • Exceptionally insulated
  • No entry point from outside

Superior Features

  • Exterior trim
  • Extensive colour palette, from light to dark finishes
  • Low-e and argon-gas sealed units

Right for you!

Picture windows can be measured to fit any unique aperture, from a regular rectangle opening to even trapezoid or radius openings. If you have a space where you already have ventilation and would like an unobstructed view, then a picture window is the best solution for you.

Picture Window

​With absolutely no mechanics to it, the picture window is simply protective screen to the outside. The relatively low price tag, and its simplicity makes it an exceptional choice for homeowners who want a clear look into the outside world.

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