Entry Doors


Entry doors are attention-grabbers and the focal point of your home's exterior. Being a statement piece, a solid entry door can showcase your home's personality and your own unique tastes. With many different options available, from types, to colour, to style and finish, we can help you navigate and choose a door that's right for you.


A entry door comes in many different styles. Take a look at the following options where you can mix and match your perfect door:

  • Wood doors are the most traditional door on the market. Arguably the easiest customizable door, it is not hard to personalize a wood entry door. Note however that wood can warp overtime due to its natural make-up. You will have to maintain or replace exterior wood doors more often then any of the other materials
  • Steel doors are the safest door on the market. When you purchase a steel door, you know that you are getting security as strong as the door is. However, due to their make-up, steel doors can dent easy and can be quite expensive to repair. Yet, these doors are unparalleled in giving your house that solid foundational look.
  • Fiber-glass doors are the most versatile door on the market. Equipped with the same energy savings of a steel door, and the wood-grain texture mould as a wood door, they give both security and personality. Difficult to scratch, and challenging to dent, these doors function in all extreme climates and high-traffic areas.


  • Performance - All doors that we install come with lifetime warranty on installations. Guaranteed to be 100% leak-free, these doors will give you peace of mind in your buyer’s decision.
  • Colour - There is no colour that you cannot stain on to your door. From simple shades of white, black and grey, to flamboyant and bright colours of red, yellow and green, customization options to reflect your personality has never been so easy.
  • Glass Options - you want a natural light to come through you door window but nobody’s wandering stare? Not a problem. With multiple glass options, you can choose the different styles, sizes and textures for your door. Perhaps a half panel yet intricate glass design? Or maybe a full panelled, simple obscure glass to allow healthy quantities of natural light in. The choice is all yours!
  • Decorative Elements - Care to accent your door with some accessories? Options of blinds in between the windows, dentil shelves, grilles and sills are all available.
  • Hardware - Every door is inaccessible without the hardware. Choose from a wide variety of handles, locks, knocks and mail slots to create something practical and beautiful.

Right for you!

If boosting your curb appeal is something needed for you home, no further than a practical and amazing entry door. The different styles, materials, options and colours gives you the freedom to make a door that reflects you and your identity.

If you can envision it, then we can build it. Tell us more about your project!

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