Door Styles

Make a statement about your home with a beautiful door for any location. Often one of the first features your visitors will notice, a top quality door that compliments your home style can dramatically boost your curb appeal and make your home inviting. Create a luxurious living environment with a stylish patio French door, or create an elegant system with a Moving Glass Wall.

Networx offers a wide range of doors, consisting of a vast array of different materials. Specific options include vinyl, smooth or textured fiberglass, to aluminum and even steel. This allows for true customization of the right products, resulting in your homes own personal feel. We will help you in any buyer’s question you may have, to leave you satisfied with look of your choice.

Entry Doors

An absolute classic. The entry door look has been around for centuries. With a slab that works almost like a blank canvas, you can customize everything, from materials, to panel count, to windows, and colour, it has never been easier to create a personalized door.

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Patio Doors

Patio doors are a great way to spice up your pool, patio or deck spaces. Coming in different styles of sliding or swing doors, and a multitude of more customizable options, these units can be optimized to fit whatever theme that your home is portraying.

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Moving Glass Wall Systems

The ultimate minimalistic look is achieved through the Moving Glass Wall Systems. From different styles, materials and finishes, you can create a door that is as beautiful as the house and living space is around it. Let this be a centrepiece and conversation starter, and it will deliver.

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If you can envision it, then we can build it. Tell us more about your project!

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