Window Styles

Networx understands that home improvements can be a stressful process. That is why we encourage people to learn more about their projects and the options available. An informed homeowner will likely make a decision they are most happy with. At Networx, it is our passion to serve the people of British Columbia with energy saving solutions in all the products that we offer. Our windows are energy star rated, housing low-emission protective layers, argon gas, and pane glazing. With additional options including triple pane or lami-glass, our windows will meet Vancouver’s building code 1.4 U-factor requirements. By installing energy star rated windows, your home will perform more efficiently, both in winter and summer. These results will definitely reflect on your energy costs, with savings in the long run. You will immediately experience a huge improvement in sound transmission.


A very popular window found in most houses across North America. Coming in many different shapes and sizes, all are equipped with well-balanced wheels and a smooth track, resulting in great mobility. Different styles of sliders include:

  • Single Hung
  • Double Hung
  • Horizontal Slider
  • Double Horizontal Slider

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Awning and Casements

Opening with a roto-operated lever, hinged windows are both stylish and practical. Awnings open from the top, allowing for great amounts of airflow and ventilation, while being ideal for bathrooms and privacy. Casements open from the sides and are great for front living spaces, as they create uniformity with picture windows. With additional hinge "Wash" option, your window will swing out enough to allow your hand to reach through the back, and give your window that needed clean!

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Picture Windows

A picture window is a very clean, simple window that does not open. It is well insulated due to its lack of openings, resulting in cost effective measure for your house. Reasonably affordable, the picture window allows you the ability to look out of it unencumbered with any lines or divides.

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Bay/Bow Window

Bay Windows are typically made up of three panels of glass. Comprised of two angled panes and one centred, they do an excellent job of filling a large space. Creating a cozy interior nook, these are ideal for reading or decoration displays.

Bow windows are made up of 4 or more panels slightly angled. They don’t protrude out as far as the bay windows, creating a unique panoramic display. Giving your wall life, these windows will definitely boost your curb appeal.

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Garden Windows

Garden windows, the perfect element for someone who wants to show off their beautiful plants. Constructed to grant a healthy living environment, garden windows allow a plenty amount of natural light, while protecting it's agriculture from the elements. Built with shelving units, sliding windows for a healthy ventilation system, and large quantities of exposed glass, this unit is perfect for all your interior growing plant needs.

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