Garden Window


The garden window is excellent when it comes to ventilation and showcasing plant life. Filling in that extra space is sometimes what’s needed to tie the whole area cleanly together. With its stylish look and multiple shelves, this unit is functional as it is an eye-catcher.


The garden window is truly unique in its own. Offering a suitable environment for plant life, it is a window that is a vibrant as the life it sustains.

Unique Features

  • Increased Plant Attention
  • Excellent use of space
  • Proper Ventalation
  • Multi-shelving

Superior Features

  • Exterior Trim
  • Large Colour Palette, from light to dark finishes
  • Low-e and Argon gas sealed units
  • Double thick glass

Right for you!

The garden window is not as effective in cold and extremely wet periods for plant life as during warm and sunny locations. However, it will always perform to keep your interior free of any moisture or draftiness. If you are green-thumb, and you have space that can be occupied, the garden window will be the window for you.

Garden Window

The multi-shelving unit as picture, lets in great quantities of sunlight, and yet still protects the agriculture from the elements. Included is vertical sliding glass units on the side, to allow for proper air flow and ventilation.

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