An attractive window that can open both vertically and horizontally, sliders will feel right at home in your house. Easy to operate and easy to install, they are a cost effective window that gets the job done. Commonly seen in areas such as bedrooms, kitchens, hallways and playrooms, they offer ideal ventilation while providing a clean look.


As sliders are such functional windows, they include great superior and unique features such as:

Unique Features

  • Sash and Track that can be removed
  • Anti-Theft Locking system
  • Top-of-the-line rollers for fluid mobility

Superior Features

  • Exterior Vinyl Trim
  • Large Colour Palette, from light to dark finishes
  • Low-e and Argon gas sealed units
  • Bug Screens

Right for you!

If you need is an inexpensive, clean and well insulated window, then a slider window is perfect for you. It will not protrude, keeping its sliding strictly vertical and horizontal; it allows you the freedom to move about in a room with no hindrance.

Single Hung

The popular single hung window slides vertically, reminiscent of a classic-style sash window. With clean lines and a relatively small price tag, this common window is perfect for homeowners across North America.

Double Hung

You can’t get more traditional than this classic and easy to clean window style. Top and bottom sashs have the availability to open, resulting in increased ventilation and flexibility.  ​

Horizontal Slider

The horizontal sliding window is a favourite style for many types of homes. Esentially a single hung flipped on it's side, this simple window is fantastic for areas such as basements, bedrooms and below picture windows

Double Horizontal Slider

The double horizontal window is ideal for having a great area of window, and yet leaving most of your wall available. The practical and simple mechanics for it make it a great window for high traffic and social areas like a living or dining room.

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