Vinyl Siding


Vinyl siding's framework makes it fantastic to install on your home. It is the least expensive of all different types of siding, easily cleaned, simple, and can be installed over most present sidings. It can also come in a variety of different textures and colours, and you can even create it to look like the more expensive materials, like cedar or stone. It also reflects radiant heat, keeping you comfortable inside, and your energy bills low.


There are many different looks that you can achieve with vinyl siding. Take a look at some of the options below to see if it is right for you:

  • Wide colour palette and is essentially maintenance free. Other than a good spring cleaning to get the dirt off, the colour won’t fade unlike some other wood products, giving you a fresh look for a very long time.
  • Different configurations are available for this style of siding. You can do vertically run, horizontally run, and even vinyl cedar shakes. It gives you the same look as the original wood, without the levels of maintenance and a fraction of the cost!
  • Affordability and practicality is huge when it comes to vinyl siding. Very expensive styles and colours can be easily achieved to make your house look unique and boost your curb appeal, on a tight budget. Its heat resistance and easy maintenance will give you a peace of mind knowing that you have made a good investment.

Right for you!

If you are renovating your house on a tight budget, and yet you need to replace your siding, look no further then vinyl siding. Its affordability, practicality, preservation, and natural warmth will boost your home's look and value. Its relative simplicity allows for it to be installed quickly and efficiently, cutting down on install costs.

If you can envision it, then we can build it. Tell us more about your project!

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